Thinking out of the box, expanding our horizons, breathing in creativity and uncovering new emotions in our daily routine. We all need to break the mould and bring useful and yet playful products into our lives. Beautiful products, both inside and out, that are in harmony with our natural surroundings and our inner world. Outoo is an outdoor concept that is also at home indoors, an interior design project that takes the idea of entertainment seriously. It explores the playfulness of complexity, devoid of any external points of reference, save for its original creative path. Shapes are created to communicate, surprise, spur the imagination and inspire new scenarios. They push the boundaries beyond traditional aesthetic and functional principles, or they invent a set of new ones. These products are unique but available to everyone, because they stem from an unconventional approach to industrial processes that guarantee durability, versatility in any environment, a sustainable use of energy and materials, and respect for the air and the planet.

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Via dei Prati 4,
Santa Maria la Longa Udine, Italia

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